Uspa Concept Facials

11/02 12:00 - 11/02 17:00 - Warana

The Uspa Concept Facial is the brands’ ritual and most popular treatment, this session will train students in customising the Concept Facial for all skin types. Uspa facial treatments are designed around the energy of the practitioner’s hands as well as the powerful plant combinations within our product range.

This beautiful and unique facial is one which you will love pampering your clients with, whilst offering them amazing results.  We believe that skin should be assisted to perform its normal functions of excretion and defence against moisture loss.  In all our facial treatments the aim is to relax our clients, encourage deep breathing, purify the skin, balance and hydrate.

For all stockist’s of Uspa, this one is a must.  Suitable for Beauty Therapist’s who have a sound understanding of facial treatments and skin diagnosis.

The Uspa Concept Facial is marketed as a 90 minute treatment.

Bookings no longer allowed on this date.