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CND Shellac Luxe Top Coat boasts the famous Shellac high-shine finish we all know and love! It’s difference? Luxe Top Coat has more micropores and that is why Offly Fast is able to penetrate faster and therefore allows a 60 second removal.


  • Use DRY PEP only (no CuticleAway)
  • Dehydrate with Scrubfresh
  • No need for base coat!
  • Use the same technique as original Shellac, ensuring you seal the free edge horizontally before painting the full nail with each coat, including the Top Coat
  • Apply the first colour coat in a thin layer – this must be translucent as with original Shellac; you can then apply a thicker layer to ensure full colour coverage
  • Use 99% IPA to remove the tacky layer and gently wipe it off – just 1-2 gentle wipes; DO NOT rub it off