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For almost 65 years, Argiletz has attempted to tell us its story through its 100% natural know-how, and also through its methods preservatives and environmentally friendly, in order to guarantee you quality products adapted to your needs.

Argiletz was founded in 1953 based on Jean Heitz’s conviction.

Clay is a rich, noble material offering a wide array of beneficial effects to humans. The whole story started years ago during the Second World War through her mother’s gentle, saving gestures. In the woods from the Jura, she used to treat the Resistance fighters thanks to the potent healing properties of green illite clay, a soothing remedy known since the Ancient times that she could easily hide in her bag.

She passed on her gestures and secrets to her son who develops clay-based treatments, pastes and poultices.

As a true pioneer, together with his wife Nadia, Jean Heitz expands the Argiletz range of products: he elaborates new, easier and ergonomic uses within everyone’s means; he modernizes the manufacturing processes and innovates; he implements high-quality control standards. The family business becomes a key player in the therapeutic use of clay.

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