Preservatives & Antioxidants

Preservatives & Antioxidants

Preservatives are compounds that prevent the growth of bacteria, moulds and yeasts in products – any product that contains water. There are many synthetic preservatives on the market used in cosmetics – and such products can pose some potential problems with toxicity and allergic reactions with long-term use. Essential Therapeutics offers two natural-sourced preservatives that are benign and without problems, for use in making creams, lotions, sprays, etc.

Antioxidants are compounds that strongly attract oxygen. Oxidation (also known as rancidity in vegetable oils) of compounds in products, such as vegetable and essential oils, is the major reason for the loss of activity of a product. Antioxidants capture reactive oxygen before they damage other compounds, extending the active life of products significantly. As with preservatives, there any many synthetic antioxidants in common use. We offer a potent natural antioxidant – Amiox - that also has real anti-aging benefits for the skin. Also see both Natural Vitamin E and Ester C under Vitamins for Cosmetics, as these products have good antioxidant properties as well.

Please note that people can be confused about “preservatives” – this heading can also include antioxidants.
We specifically mean: preservatives stop microbial growth and antioxidants slow down oxidation or rancidity.

We have seen more than one hand made cream turn fuzzy and green because an antioxidant was added as the “preservative”.

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